Together Oklahoma Staff

Outreach & Legislative Director

Sabine Brown

Sabine joined Oklahoma Policy Institute in January of 2018. She grew up in Germany but has called Oklahoma home since 1998. Before joining Oklahoma Policy Institute she served as the Oklahoma Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. Sabine earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science from the University of Oklahoma and was a physician assistant prior to discovering advocacy work. Sabine enjoys working with grassroots advocates to work towards a fair and prosperous Oklahoma. She lives in Bixby with her husband, Eric, and their two children.

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Senior Field Organizer

Kyle Lawson

Kyle joined OK Policy as a Field Organizer for Southeastern Oklahoma in early 2019 and was promoted to Senior Field Organizer in July 2019. Kyle was born in Tucson, Arizona to Sheila and Dale Lawson and grew up in Southern Arizona. After finishing high school, they joined the U.S. Army as a Human Intelligence Collector. Upon completing their military service, Kyle attended college, majoring in business administration and minoring in psychology, and then worked for Congressman Jim Kolbe in Arizona’s 5th congressional district for three years. After Rep. Kolbe retired, Kyle worked in the private sector in Phoenix. In 2010, they moved to Southern Oklahoma to be near their family.

Since moving to Oklahoma Kyle has served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children for four years, as an officer in the Masonic Lodge, worked with children as a Shriner, and served two years on the board of directors for Restoring Lives as the finance chairman. They were Mayor for the town of Gene Autry for three years, serving in the Mayor’s congress and on the Mayor’s council. Kyle has always been dedicated, hardworking and places an emphasis on community involvement.

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Southwest Oklahoma Field Organizer

Jacobi Crowley

As a Lawton native and graduate of Eisenhower High School, Jacobi’s roots in southwest Oklahoma communities run deep. He credits his family and teachers for being instrumental in the achievement of earning a scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The positive role models in his life influenced his decision to major in Special Education with a minor in Behavioral Management. Upon earning his degree, Jacobi moved back to his hometown to help make a difference in his community. Prior to Together Oklahoma, Jacobi ran for Oklahoma State Senate, becoming the youngest person in state history to advance to a general election at the age of 25. Jacobi is host for a local radio talk show called The Revolution, where he is able to connect and educate the community on various issues.

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Southeast Oklahoma Field Organizer

Roxanne Logan

Growing up in Norman, Oklahoma, in the 60’s, Roxanne experienced family life typical of the era. Her Mom stayed home to care for the kids and her Dad worked to provide for his family. They were typical but at the same time they weren’t. Her parents, both independent people, nurtured her independence too, by encouraging her to think for herself. As a result, she knocked doors for former presidential candidate George McGovern and while attending school at Oklahoma University, participated in protests against the Viet Nam War. She grew up at a time when abortions and pot were both illegal. John, Bobby, and Martin were assassinated. The black community was struggling to gain equality and women were demanding their rights. While all of this was happening, she was learning about politics, the good, the bad, and the ugly. When her husband passed in 2012, she was happily living a quiet life—I was a hermit, she says–but soon grew tired and began seeking out like-minded people. She eventually became an officer in the county political party as well as the women’s arm of the county party. When one of her new friends ran for state representative, she served as the campaign’s Deputy Treasurer. A deep-down ember was reignited. Following the election and Oklahoma Policy Institute‘s launch of a rural outreach program, Roxanne accepted the Chapter Leader ‘s position for the Together Oklahoma’s Carter County chapter. She credits the opportunity with leading to her dream of working for Oklahoma Policy Institute. She believes that change can happen when people work together toward a common goal, and she is laser focused on making Oklahoma the state we all deserve.

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