Together Oklahoma Staff

Outreach & Legislative Director Angela Monson

A lifelong Oklahoman, Angela Monson has been an advocate for change for more than five decades. Working with the community, faith-based, civic, civil rights organizations, and others, she has been a leader for policy change in health care, education, social justice, taxes, and many other important issues that impact hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans. Angela served as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from November 1990 until her election to the Oklahoma State Senate in 1993, where she served until November 2005. She earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Science in Corrections from Oklahoma City University. Angela is a graduate of the historic Oklahoma City Douglass High School.

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Legislative Liaison

Nicole Poindexter

Nicole Poindexter joined OK Policy in 2019. She is originally from California’s Central Valley where she attended Fresno State. Nicole worked in EMS before staying home to raise her four children, identical twins Lukas and Logan, daughter Ella, and youngest son Wyatt. In 2013, after the devastating Moore tornado she joined a statewide political campaign, advocating for storm shelters in schools. After that campaign ended, she continued to advocate for women and children in the non-profit arena. Nicole most recently worked at the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. She was appointed by Governor Fallin to the Governor’s Interagency Council on Homelessness in 2017. When she is not working, Nicole can often be found in her craft room or at a local concert.

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Southeast Regional Organizer

Roxanne Logan

Growing up in Norman, Oklahoma, in the 60’s, Roxanne experienced family life typical of the era. Her Mom stayed home to care for the kids and her Dad worked to provide for his family. They were typical but at the same time they weren’t. Her parents, both independent people, nurtured her independence too, by encouraging her to think for herself. As a result, she knocked doors for former presidential candidate George McGovern and while attending school at Oklahoma University, participated in protests against the Viet Nam War. She grew up at a time when abortions and pot were both illegal. John, Bobby, and Martin were assassinated. The black community was struggling to gain equality and women were demanding their rights. While all of this was happening, she was learning about politics, the good, the bad, and the ugly. When her husband passed in 2012, she was happily living a quiet life—I was a hermit, she says–but soon grew tired and began seeking out like-minded people. She eventually became an officer in the county political party as well as the women’s arm of the county party. When one of her new friends ran for state representative, she served as the campaign’s Deputy Treasurer. A deep-down ember was reignited. Following the election and Oklahoma Policy Institute‘s launch of a rural outreach program, Roxanne accepted the Chapter Leader ‘s position for the Together Oklahoma’s Carter County chapter. She credits the opportunity with leading to her dream of working for Oklahoma Policy Institute. She believes that change can happen when people work together toward a common goal, and she is laser focused on making Oklahoma the state we all deserve.

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Southwest Regional Organizer

Katie Powers

Katie Powers joined OK Policy in November of 2021. Her heart is in Southwest Oklahoma where she was born and raised. She worked in Events Management at Cameron University while earning her bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She was active on her campus as a staff member and student. During her last year of school, she was selected as the Senior Class Gift Committee Chair and brought a public art piece to campus along with her team. Although her career and school kept her schedule full, she always made time see local theatre performances and picking up a Wayne’s Drive Inn Dr. Pepper afterwards. After graduating, she worked in Events Management at the University of Central Oklahoma. Katie and Lottie (her senior golden retriever) enjoy short walks and an Oklahoma sunset by the fire-pit. What she tackles, she conquers. She is excited and honored to serve her region.

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Northwest Regional Organizer

Cameasha Alao

Cameasha Alao joins OK Policy with over 9 years of professional experience advocating for marginalized communities. Throughout her professional career, she has believed that in order to strengthen families, the communities within which they live must be improved. Growing up in Spencer, OK, she learned that strong communities help support overall health and well-being. She also learned that to ensure that all families have the opportunity to live in a safe and healthy environment, advocacy and collective action are essential. As a child welfare worker with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services for over 8 years, Cameasha has also witnessed the impact that the lack of strong communities and other resources can have on families and individuals, particularly children. Cameasha is a graduate of Star Spencer High School (Spencer, OK), Jarvis Christian College (Hawkins, TX), where she received a Bachelor Degree in Social Work, and Oklahoma State University, earning a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. By utilizing all of the knowledge and skills acquired through her academic, professional and personal experiences, Cam plans to contribute to making Oklahoma a better place for all residents to live, work and thrive. She also recognizes the need to focus particularly on assisting those who have traditionally been excluded, silenced or feel powerless to make a difference. Cameasha was recognized by the Oklahoma Department of Human Service as the Best of the Best in 2018 for her hard work and dedication to the families and communities she served. She is excited to continue her advocacy and service to communities in central Oklahoma as a part of the Oklahoma Policy/Together Oklahoma team!

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Northeast Regional Organizer

Tara Grigson

Tara Grigson joined OK Policy in October of 2021 as the Northeast Regional Organizer. Prior to joining OK Policy, Tara earned her Master’s of Public Affairs at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Tara also holds two bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Psychology from the University of Tulsa. While attaining her Master’s, Tara consulted at the Maine Gun Safety Coalition on a project on firearm suicide. During her time in undergrad, Tara was an intern at both YWCA Tulsa and OK Policy. She lives in Tahlequah with her partner and just the right number of pets.

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