Together OK’s Affinity Groups

To help Oklahomans get involved where it matters to them most, Together OK is organized into affinity groups, which have statewide participants focused on issue areas. These groups are: 

  • Safe Communities/Justice Reform
  • Healthy Oklahomans
  • Thriving Families
  • Strengthening Democracy

Affinity groups are designed to increase individuals’ engagement in legislative and other efforts that advocate for and promote policies that expand opportunities for all Oklahomans. Our efforts are intentionally focused on engaging people who have been historically/systematically silenced.

Participation in the affinity groups is open to any interested individual and organizations that have interest in legislative actions that impact one or more of the policy areas. You can participate in — and stay informed about — as many affinity groups as you’d like.  

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Safe Communities/Justice Reform

  • Focused on issues that can help make our communities safer, including criminal justice reforms
  • Contact: Roxanne Logan

Healthy Oklahomans

  • Focused on policy change that can help all Oklahomans live healthier lives 
  • Contact: Katie Applegate 

Thriving Families 

  • Focused on advancing policies that provide equitable opportunity for all Oklahoma families to thrive, regardless of the size of their bank account or the circumstances of their birth. 
  • Contact: Austin Webb

Strengthening Democracy

  • Focused on ensuring that Oklahoma laws and policies provide for governmental transparency and greater participation in the democratic process. 
  • Contact: Angela Monson

Upcoming Affinity Group Meetings

Affinity groups meet online each month, beginning in January.

Visit our Events Page for a complete list of upcoming affinity group meetings.