Action Alert

Action Alert

Tell Your Legislators Not To Extend Unnecessary Tax Break for Highly Profitable Drilling

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  1. I am your constituent, and I am writing to urge you to vote NO on HB 2562

    The horizontal drilling tax break is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars that we can’t afford. Claims that allowing the tax break to expire would hurt our economy are completely false. We have the oil, the skilled workers, the infrastructure, and the friendly regulations to be very attractive to drilling. On top of that, our taxes will still be very competitive with other oil and gas producing states even without this huge tax break.

    We can’t afford the tax break when we’re not meeting our obligations to fund schools, nursing homes, mental health, and more. As your constituent, I don’t want my tax dollars to go to subsidizing drilling that’s going to happen anyway. Vote NO on HB 2562 and take the time to hear ALL SIDES of this issue.

    You need to remember the education of Oklahoma students should come first.

    I will remember what you do when I choose who to support in elections this year.

  2. I personalized my message and I hope all of this does some good. I believe Representative Vaughan (who I have talked to) has some flexibility when it comes to education issues and will listen to both sides, but I understand Senator Fields is extremely anti-education and cannot even defend his position to educators when put on the spot.

  3. We must have more money to run our schools. Teachers also need raises. Everything is more expensive, but our salary remains very low.

  4. Horizontal drilling will happen whether we ask drillers to pay taxes or not. Please, we need the tax revenue to fund our schools. We must educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and citizens.

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