Expand Health Coverage

Expand Health Coverage

We just turned away additional money that could’ve generated billions of dollars of economic growth in this state. From an anti-poverty perspective, that was a mistake. From an economic development perspective, it was an incredible mistake. It was an incredible opportunity that was wasted. Healthier and wealthier? Apparently not in Oklahoma.

-Mickey Hepner, Dean of the UCO College of Business, on Oklahoma’s refusal to accept billions in federal funds for expanding health coverage


The benefits of expanding coverage far outweigh the costs.

Oklahomans get sicker, die sooner, and go without much needed health care at some of the highest rates in the nation. But today we have a huge opportunity to save lives and protect struggling rural and community health care providers by expanding health coverage to uninsured low-income workers and their families.

  • Accepting the funds would save Oklahoma money. The federal government would send more than $12 to Oklahoma for every $1 in state spending. The economic boost is estimated to increase funds for education and other services by $450 million.
  • Expanding health coverage is especially important for hard-working Oklahomans who we interact with on a daily basis. Restaurant, fast food and retail workers, construction workers, and those who work with our children and assist our aging loved ones would gain new access to insurance.

Oklahomans Agree…


We are sending our tax dollars to other states and getting nothing in return by refusing billions in health care funds. State leaders need to stop playing politics and do the right thing for Oklahomans — expand health coverage!

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