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Oklahoma’s massive budget shortfall means that lawmakers face stark choices this year. They can choose devastating cuts to Oklahoma public schools, health care, and other essential services. Or they can shore up the state’s finances and invest in a stronger economy and brighter future for Oklahoma.

capitolHere’s what Oklahoma lawmakers can do to stop devastating budget cuts:

1. Roll Back Tax Cuts: Stop an income tax cut that is reckless in the midst of massive budget shortfalls and restore the top income tax rate on very high incomes.

2. End Costly Tax Breaks and Loopholes: End the “double deduction”, which has no rational purpose and only benefits high earners who itemize deductions, and curb costly tax breaks for the energy industry. While protecting important tax credits for hundreds of thousands of working families and seniors — Oklahoma’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Sales Tax Relief Credit, and Child Tax Credit/Child Care Tax Credit (Go to for more tools and info on defending these broad-based tax credits). 

3. Selective Tax Increases: A $1.50 cigarette tax increase can help prevent the looming crisis in our health care system. A 5¢ fuel tax increase triggered only during times of low gas prices can ease the boom and bust cycle of state funding.

 handsHere’s what you can do to get Oklahoma lawmakers to make the right choice:

1. Contact your two state legislators to share your story about how budget cuts are affecting your community and the sensible revenue options we have to fix it!

 2. Urge your friends and colleague to do something too!

 Check out our infographic for more about each of these solutions.infographic-featured

Want to know more? You can read testimonials by other Oklahomans here, learn about Oklahoma’s revenue options in this Oklahoma Policy Institute fact sheet, and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #DoSomethingOK.

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