What You Can Do

Together OK’s success depends on your engagement – and there are many ways for you to get involved.

Volunteer your time and talents in our grassroots, community-based outreach efforts. Please review the volunteer opportunities below and let us know how you, your friends, and co-workers would like to engage.

We are grateful for your commitment to our great state!

  • Fill out this form to join our grassroots network. Together Oklahoma chapters are forming in communities across the state!
  • Follow Together OK on Facebook, participate in discussions, and share links with others.
  • Arrange for one of us to come speak to your church group, parents’ association, Rotary club, or other gatherings near you! Complete this short survey and we’ll get in touch.
  • Check out our Community Calendar for upcoming Together Oklahoma events in your area.  RSVP, invite your friends, and join us as we work together to make Oklahoma better for everyone!

2 replies on “What You Can Do”

  1. Justice should not be for the rich only! Too many people lose jobes and more and some are innocent! This is not right!

  2. Oklahoma, our past shaped us, WE build the future! I’m very inadequate in this field. However, I believe in Oklahoma and
    hope we can bring in new industries so more of the population will get off welfare and support their families. I have seen people on welfare. Some of them have come from generations that only know welfare. I don’t know how to teach a new concept that has been passed down for generations. I do know when a person catches their own fish, it gives them a pride of self that cannot be given by just feeding them a meal.

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