This blog aims to be a forum where Oklahomans can share their perspectives, and we encourage you to contribute to  the conversation by submitting a guest blog post. Think of it as an op-ed with links.  We will help publicize pieces we post to our audiences and encourage you to send out the link to your friends, colleagues and networks.

Here are our blog guidelines:

— We will post entries about numerous topics related to advocacy or public policy issues of importance to Oklahomans. However, we reserve the right not to post any blog entry submitted to us.

— Blog entries should be between 500 and 800 words.

— Entries should in most cases be original contributions and not pieces that have been published elsewhere.

—  Please provide links for sources referenced in your piece.

— Blog entries should avoid personal attacks and undue partisanship.

— We may edit your submission for clarity and grammar. In all cases, we will have you review and approve a final draft of the piece before posting.

— We will run a short disclaimer accompanying guest posts stating that the post reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of Together Oklahoma.

— Please include a title for your post and brief (20 words maximum) biographical or background information that can appear in the introduction to the post.

— Send your submission in an e-mail or Word document to

We hope to hear from you!