Action Alerts, Videos, Upcoming TOK Events

Your legislators are in committees voting bills up and down right now.  They hear from some of their constituents about what matters to them.  Are they hearing from you? 

Together Oklahoma coalition is here to let you know how to make Oklahoma better with public policies that are important, achievable, and uniquely suited to you as an advocate for fair and adequate funding of core public services.

In this email we’ll cover:

Action Alert

  • Stop the Income Tax Cut: Support SB 1073:  The Senate Finance Committee will meet Tuesday morning at 10:30 am. If you see this alert before 10:30 AM then please call.  If not you can just check in to see how the vote turned out as Oklahoma lawmakers get their first – and possibly only – chance to stop the recent ill-advised income tax cut that is adding to the state’s massive budget shortfall and threatening critical public services. Please contact members of the Senate Finance Committee and urge them to Vote Yes to SB 1073.(more…)

State Budget Summit Videos

On January 28th OK Policy presented the 3rd Annual State Budget Summit to a packed crowd. This is also the 3rd year tickets for this event sold out proving that Oklahomans do indeed care about how our legislators spend our money.  For those of you who missed this great program or who loved it and want to share it with your friends please follow THIS LINK to the wonderful videos filmed and edited by our friends at Main Street Photo and Video in Norman.

Upcoming Events

We’d like to start more chapters of TOK soon and we may start one near you. To let us know you are interested in having a Together Oklahoma chapter in your area please fill out this brief questionnaire and as soon as we have enough folks in your area we’ll host a kick off meeting to connect you with like-minded folks in your legislative districts.