Update for the final week that bills can pass out of committees.

Here is your Together Oklahoma update for the final week that bills can pass out of committees. As always, we’re doing our best to give you the tools that help you become the best advocate for fair and adequate funding that you can be.  Thanks for all that you do to make Oklahoma better! 

Photo from srophotos
Photo from srophotos
  • Budget Options that are Reasonable
  • Action Alert: Vote NO on HB2665
  • Webinar links for both Advocacy and the Legislative Process and Priority Issues for 2016
  • Upcoming Together Oklahoma Meeting
  • Seven Ways to Get Your Legislators’ Attention.

Balanced Solutions to Oklahoma’s Budget Emergency

As of last week, the budget shortfall has grown to at least $ 1.3 billion.  This massive hole is hurting all our state agencies. In this last week of bills passing out of committees, it looks like your legislators are continuing to ignore the reasonable revenue options we’ve suggested.  They seem to want to focus on cutting all agencies to the bone. Don’t let them do that without answering to you!

Here are some things you can visit, call, and write to suggest. If they tell you they don’t like these, ask them what they propose instead.

Action Alert: Vote NO on HB2665

Instead of the reasonable options above, some lawmakers have suggested measures that won’t do much to fill the budget hole while doing a lot to hurt our most vulnerable neighbors.  One such measure is  HB 2665, introduced by Rep. Cox (R-Grove). At a time when Oklahoma already boasts one of the nation’s highest uninsured rate, deliberately adding more to their number should be unthinkable. But that’s exactly what HB 2665 would do. HB 2665 would strip  Medicaid eligibility from non-pregnant, non-disabled adults under 65. HB 2665 has passed out of the the House Appropriations and Budget Health Subcommittee and is scheduled for a vote before the full Appropriations Committee this afternoon, Feb 23rd. Contact your legislators and tell them that kicking 100,000 people off health insurance isn’t the right move for the state.  Get your VOTE NO ON HB2665 TALKING POINTS HERE.

Webinar links

Thanks again to everyone who attended our two Webinars in the last couple of weeks.  You can see slides and video of those here:

Priority Issues for the 2016 Legislative Session Webinar video available here and the slides from our presentations are available at this link.

Upcoming Meeting

The Together Tulsa meeting was great this past weekend!  It was also attended by folks from Bartlesville, Jenks, Owasso, Broken Arrow, and many other North Eastern Oklahoma towns.  As such we are changing the name to Together Oklahoma-North East (TOK-NE). Similarly we will be changing Together OKC to Together Oklahoma-Central (TOK- C) 

Seven Ways to Get Your Legislators’ Attention.

Finally, many of you are getting engaged with your two state legislators as well as committee members for specific bills. Go team!  Now seems like a great time to remind us all about the best ways we can nurture and develop relationships with the legislators who represent us.

Follow this link to read Seven Ways to Get Your Legislators’ Attention.

We have more impact when we work in teams. Together Oklahoma chapters are forming in your area so please fill out this brief questionnaire if you have not done so already. 

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you soon!