Together Tuesday: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

Action Alert: Use the Rainy Day Fund Now to Prevent Severe Harm to Oklahoma

Photo by Daniel Rodriquez / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Daniel Rodriquez / CC BY 2.0

As a member of Together Oklahoma you may be well aware that last week we found out that the mid-year budget cuts are going to be even bigger than we had feared.  These on top of years of other steep cuts mean that many of our state agencies are in a perilous situation. Part of Oklahoma’s Rainy Day Fund is dedicated to mid-year shortfalls just like what we’re facing now, and yesterday Governor Fallin issued a statement suggesting that Oklahoma use the Rainy Day Funds to support Common Education and Corrections.

That makes sense. We also need to use Rainy Day Funds for critical programs in Human Services and Mental Health. The Rainy Day Fund can buy us time while our legislators figure out which of these other reasonable solutions they will use to deal with the budget emergency. In particular, the Senate needs to approve SB 1073 this week to stop an unnecessary income tax cut and eliminate the wasteful double deduction of state income taxes.

Contact your two state legislators today to ask them to use the Rainy Day fund to support the most vital state agencies and to embrace the use of these other reasonable revenue options. Tell your Senator to support SB 1073 to stop the income tax cut and end a wasteful tax break. You can find contact information for both of your two legislators HERE.

Join us for: Countdown to Filing Day!

Who will be on the ballot in November? All Oklahoma candidates officially file to run for office April 13th-15th, so we are counting down the days until then by bringing focus to your two state legislators and your districts. This event does not endorse any candidate or campaign. For educational purposes only, we will be posting a question a day as we count down to the last day to file to run for office in Oklahoma this year. Our questions will prompt Oklahomans to get to know our elected officials, what they do, and how they do it, and become more aware of the importance of local elections and state legislative districts.

To join in the countdown, simply answer the questions for yourself, on the Countdown to Filing Day Facebook event page, in your Together Oklahoma district groups, or elsewhere on social media using the hashtag #RepresentOK. Also, invite your friends!

If you aren’t yet connected with your Together Oklahoma district groups you can sign up here.

This week’s legislative deadline

By next week all bills that will be heard this session need to be out of their house of origin.  That means House bills must be approved by the full House and Senate bills must be approved by the full Senate. Check out OK Policy’s advocacy alert page for other opportunities to take action before this key deadline.