Oh Oklahoma, where do we go from here?

The Oklahoma legislative session ended on May 27th with such a bang that our folly made national headlines. The New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian, and The Economist were just a few of the sources telling the world about how our state legislators couldn’t pull it together well enough to save jobs, improve mental health care, and support our students […]

You’re making a difference, but we need to keep the pressure on

Where We’re At It’s clear that your advocacy has made a difference in Oklahoma’s state budget. Your advocacy helped prevent cuts to the sales tax relief credit and the child tax credit. Funding for common education and Medicaid would have been much worse if legislators hadn’t heard from you. Unfortunately, our lawmakers didn’t protect education and […]

What advocates can do in the last week of session.

Our legislators face a deadline to end session by this Friday, May 27th, but they still haven’t produced a solution to Oklahoma’s massive budget shortfall.  It’s all come down to this week when the key funding decisions will be made with huge consequences for Oklahoma families. What advocates are doing this week when we #DoSomethingOK: Ask Governor […]