A dream you dream together is reality!

Photo by Jay Melnick / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Photo by Jay Melnick / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We are all dreaming of a better budget where we can avoid massive cuts to schools, health care, and more.  I dream of what Oklahoma could look like if every single person in the state took responsibility for the TWO legislators that represent each of us.  If you’ve already made sure your two legislators have heard from you, it is time to BRING YOUR FRIENDS into the game.

Tell your friends:

Last week many of you completed the survey about what you are doing to save our state during this budget crisis.

  • Most of you who responded have sent emails to both of your legislators and shared our posts on social media, GO TEAM!
  • Some of you have had in person meetings with your legislators, FANTASTIC! (This is the best thing you can do)
  • Just a few of you have met with neighbors in your districts or invited friends to check out #DoSomethingOK and our Campaign For a Better Budget. You can take this step to multiply our efforts!

Invite everyone who cares about Oklahoma to join us for a #DoSomethingOK Webinar on Sunday May 8th at 3pm.

David Blatt and Kara Joy McKee will talk about what is going on with the budget, what our legislators can do, and what you can do to help us climb out of this giant budget hole.

To join the webinar, go to this link on Sunday at 3pm. You can also dial in using your phone at 1-646-749-3122, access Code: 685-631-061. We’ll send a reminder about the webinar on Friday.

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