5 Steps Toward Our Second Chance #GetItRightOK!

Good news!  Our legislators will be in Special Session beginning Monday, September 25th. It’s good news because we don’t need to wait until spring to strengthen core services. 

Now that lawmakers have a second chance to get the budget right, they shouldn’t waste it. So I’m going to lay out how we can help them succeed.  As we’ve told them before, they have many good options to raise the revenues needed to protect our schools, health care, and public safety and more from yet another round of damaging cuts. It’s time to get beyond political gridlock, make the agreements necessary to pass recurring revenues, and stop kicking the can down the road with one-time funds or across-the-board cuts.

There is plenty of reason to be concerned that they WON’T get it right without enormous outcry from constituents. We can do that, but we’ll need to work together!
Here is what we need from you:

  • FIRST– Call your own two state legislators NOW and use these talking points to help make sure they #GetItRightOK 
  • SECOND – Follow up your call with an email thanking them for receiving your call, and telling them again how you want them to #GetItRightOK
  • THIRD – Ask friends to use our talking points to do the first two things with you to #GetItRightOK. Don’t skip this one! We are trying to counter balance money power with people power so we need your help to get more constituents.
  • FOURTHSign up! Take a look at this schedule and pick a day and time you can help us call other TOK members to remind them and/or join us at the Capitol during special session. We people calling from every district and we need need to have people at the Capitol watching and visiting legislators’ offices every single day of special session! They need to look in our eyes as we cheer them on to #GetItRightOK
  • FIFTH – If you still have some fire in your belly after completing tasks 1-4, we’ve got plenty more you can do!  Once you’ve done the options above, respond to this email and you and I will find a task that suits you best. (Or you can always join the ongoing conversation in TOK Slack)

Again: Call, Email, Ask a Friend, and Sign UP (If you still want to do more, let us know in Slack!)

We can do this!  They CAN do this!  It is time to #GetItRightOK! 

If you need more info, here are some resources that can help: