Action Alert: Expand Opportunities for Oklahomans with Past Convictions

Action Alert: Expand Opportunities for Oklahomans with Past Convictions

Photo by Tomasz Jodlowski / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Photo by Tomasz Jodlowski / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This afternoon, Tuesday, February 9th, the House Business, Labor and Retirement committee is scheduled to hear HB 2585, a measure that would allow Oklahomans with felony records a fair chance to rejoin the workforce. The bill, authored by Rep. Mark Lepak (R-Claremore), would protect formerly convicted citizens from being disqualified from access to employment in professions that require certain licences.  It would create a more uniform policy for the consideration of a criminal record across different occupational licensing boards, without affecting any current laws that make certain convictions an automatic bar to licensing,

HB 2585 will allow more people to get back on their feet and get back to work after paying their debt to society. See this fact sheet for more information about HB 2585.

We urge you to contact members of the Business, Labor and Retirement Laws committee TODAY and ask them to VOTE YES on HB 2585. The committee members are:

Fourkiller, William House 86 Democrat 542 (405)557-7394
Joyner, Charles House 95 Republican 436 (405)557-7314
McBride, Mark House 53 Republican 248 (405)557-7346
McDaniel, Randy (C) House 83 Republican 438 (405)557-7409
Newell, Tom House 28 Republican 302 (405)557-7372
Ortega, Charles House 52 Republican 442 (405)557-7369
Perryman, David House 56 Democrat 540 (405)557-7401
Stone, Shane House 89 Democrat 510A (405)557-7397
Strohm, Chuck (VC) House 69 Republican 300C (405)557-7331
Wallace, Kevin House 32 Republican 246B (405)557-7368

How to meet with your legislators

Sometimes it’s easier to meet with your legislator when you use the buddy system  Even if you aren’t already a member of a Together Oklahoma chapter, your legislators need to be hearing from you and your fellow constituents right now about reasonable solutions to solve the budget emergency.  Follow this link for a quick how-to in setting up small group meetings with your legislator and get your first face to face this session scheduled soon.

Upcoming Events

If you’d like to have a Together Oklahoma chapter in your area fill out this brief questionnaire and as soon as we have enough folks in your area we’ll host a kick off meeting to connect you with like-minded folks in your legislative districts.

Thanks for doing your civic duty to make Oklahoma better!