Action Alert — Stop the tax cut bill in Senate committee

Make history today!  This morning tens of thousands of Oklahomans are expected to turn out for the largest rally at the state capitol in Oklahoma history.   When was the last time something BIG happened and you thought “Wow! I should have been there” ? Today may be that kind of day. Are you going to come stand with us for education?

See the schedule, where to get on a shuttle bus, and more information about the rally here!

Action Alert

A major tax cut bill will be heard in Senate committee Tuesday morning. The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to hear HB 2508 on Tuesday. It would trigger automatic cuts to the corporate and personal income tax as soon as there are minimal revenue increases.

Contact your lawmaker and members of the Senate Finance Committee and tell them to vote NO on HB 2508! Speaking out now will be especially valuable if you are a constituent of a Finance Committee member. 

Talking Points:

  • Don’t cut my taxes, fund my services! It’s better for Oklahomans and better for the economy to keep the revenue for schools, public health and safety, and other important services.
  • Triggering automatic tax cuts whenever revenue grows is irresponsible. Oklahoma could face a natural disaster, spiking health care costs, court mandates, or who knows what. Lawmakers can’t predict the future, so they shouldn’t be putting the budget on auto-pilot.
  • A minimal revenue increase is the wrong trigger. We should have no tax cuts until we’re reducing our class sizes, paying teachers adequately, and maintaining public buildings. Make it personal! Can you think of other benchmarks for Oklahoma to meet before we cut taxes again?

See a list of Finance Committee members below and find their contact information at

Senator Mike Mazzei (Tulsa) – (405) 521-5675,
Senator Rick Brinkley (Owasso) – (405) 521-5566,
Senator Cliff Aldridge (Midwest City) – (405) 521-5584,
Senator Nathan Dahm (Broken Arrow) – (405) 521-5551,
Senator Kim David (Porter)- (405) 521-5590,
Senator John Ford (Bartlesville) – (405) 521-5634,
Senator Jim Halligan (Stillwater) – (405) 521.5572,
Senator Constance Johnson (Oklahoma City) – (405) 521-5531,
Senator Clark Jolley (Edmond) – (405) 521-5622,
Senator McAffrey (Oklahoma City) – (405) 521-5610,
Senator Frank Simpson (Springer) – (405) 521-5607,
Senator John Sparks (Norman) – (405) 521-5553,
Senator Greg Treat (Oklahoma City) – (405) 521-5632,

Thank you for standing up for our state’s future!

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