Another way to take action to make Oklahoma better

lineSome of you have been with us since Together Oklahoma was born out of our victory over the unaffordable tax cut proposals of 2012. Many of you are newer to this effort.  Over the years, we’ve conducted several campaigns and tried different ways to help Oklahomans to advocate for better policies in our state. Now we’re offering another way to take action.

We are tired of how Oklahoma lawmakers have neglected our values and priorities, right? We read the news, and the parade of problems made worse by slashed funding to our schools and communities can seem never-ending. You and I know that some of our elected officials have traded in our good schools and healthy communities for wasteful tax breaks and reckless tax cuts in the hopes that prosperity will trickle down. It DOESN’T work that way, and it’s time to show we know it. It’s time to act.

Voting is essential, but it it isn’t enough. We won’t get the leadership and wise governance that we want until we activate ALL our powers as citizens. That’s why we’re launching the next phase of Together Oklahoma, to give advocates like you more opportunities to act and build a powerful network with other engaged Oklahomans. By filling out Together Oklahoma’s new membership form, you’re giving our team the opportunity to connect you to projects that are the best fit for you.

When you fill out the new membership form, you’ll be stepping on to a path of direct action in support of fair and responsible budget and tax policy. Whether you take the next steps is up to you, but if you are in, here is how this will go:

  • You fill out the form to let us know what you can do and want to do;
  • You will be contacted by a Membership Chair in a Together Oklahoma chapter near you;
  • The Membership Chair will discuss options and priorities and give you some first action steps;
  • If you’re ready to step to it, you’ll be given the opportunity to join Communications, Events, or Research teams where projects are already underway;
  • Together we will make sure that every Oklahoman gets a chance to participate in making Oklahoma better.  

Like I have said before, two people plus a plan equals power. Let us connect you with good people who are making powerful plans.

You receive Together Oklahoma emails once a week, maybe you take action on your own, and maybe you belong to other groups we should know about. Great! Let’s put all those pieces together.

Democracy is a continuing experiment, and it is time for us to mix up a new solution.

If you’re ready to learn more, take the first step and fill out THIS new Together Oklahoma membership form today.