Are you resolute?

Reflecting on the year that has passed and looking ahead offers opportunities for changes.  As you take this time of contemplation for yourself, please extend your reflections to the ripples that spread out around you.  We each have influence on ourselves, our loved ones, peers, community, greater society, and the world. We have the ability to shape our world.

Will we use that ability?  Will we advocate for and create the kind of society where our children will thrive? What are the ways we as a community can support each other’s resolve?

There is no need to stew in doubt that we can do it. Indeed we are doing it already. Humans have overcome so much, Oklahomans have overcome so much, and together we can do better still.

May your resolutions bear ripe fruits for the year ahead, may you know the strength, wisdom, and strategy that is growing in our community, and may we meet again soon ready to creatively share our visions of a better Oklahoma.

Ripples by Richard Freeman