If you don’t, who will?

In the final weeks of session, we’ll be taking our research based advocacy and kicking it up a notch, and WE means YOU!

Watch and share this video for a brief explanation of the situation:

Click here for an infographic that supplies you with all the details to explain the situation.

We can’t fix our education problems by starving Oklahoma schools.  We can’t pretend that underfunded schools are the only major budget problem that Oklahoma is facing this year. We CAN stand up for ourselves with urgent and compelling facts!  If Oklahoma ends an unnecessary and unaffordable tax break for horizontal drilling, you can see what this money could mean for each and every Oklahoma school district here.

Right now some legislators are thinking about cutting a deal to extend the tax break, based on a plan created by a few oil and gas corporate executives. They need to hear that YOU AREN’T HAVING IT! 

There has been no bill moving through the public process on this issue, but there have been closed door negotiations with members of the oil and gas industry. Most Oklahomans agree that we should let this tax break expire. Even some prominent members of the oil and gas industry say that eliminating the tax break won’t slow down drilling. 

So who do your legislators work for? Tell them to reject this deal and protect the interests of Oklahomans over out-of-state shareholders.  Click here for a new ad from Oklahomans for a Responsible Future that shows we need to put Oklahoma schools over Wall Street shareholders.

You can look up your legislators’ contact info here and find a fact sheet with suggested talking points here

We are always happy to do our best to answer any questions you may have about this plan. You can also check out this Oklahoma Policy Institute resource page full of information about the tax break for horizontal drilling.

If you want democracy you need to fight for it!  If you love Oklahomans then you need to protect this revenue stream for us all.  Stand with us now!

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