Budget, Breakfast, Wear Black

Legislators will be at the Capitol tomorrow, so we are going to be there too. We need to make sure they have the support they need to do the right thing. We are Oklahoma and we are worth it!

Our legislators need to hear from you because big oil is coming on strong. On Wednesday, the oil and gas industry threw a party for legislators and handed out gifts, On Thursday, a big oil company bused their employees to the Capitol to counter-protest our group of advocates delivering letters, On Friday, they held a press conference to pressure lawmakers to settle for an inadequate revenue package to plug the FY18 budget shortfall.  

We don’t have to settle for more cuts when these same companies are paying much more in other states. (see chart below)

Our partners in the Save Our State Coalition gave a full response to that press conference here.  On Thursday, advocates just like you engaged in civil debates with the oil and gas employees, and many of them agreed with us once they got accurate information.

Any sacrifice by the oil industry to pay a fair tax rate is dwarfed by the losses that would follow more cuts to schools, road maintenance, public safety, and other key services for Oklahoma communities. It’s time for lawmakers to put Oklahomans first, end the generous giveaways to oil companies, and stop bargaining away the revenues needed to save our state.

If you can’t come in person invite others to join us and keep calling!

Beyond your continued calls to your own two state legislators (found here), please #Call McCall and #Shout 2 Schulz!

Call House Speaker McCall: (405) 557-7412 “Hello, Oklahoma is in a crisis and I am calling to insist that Speaker McCall allow a vote to restore the gross production tax to 7% for ALL oil and gas drilling. “

Call Senate President Pro Tem Schulz!: (405) 521-5612 “Hello, Oklahoma is in a crisis and I am calling to insist that President Pro Tem Schulz allow a vote to restore the gross production tax to 7% for ALL oil and gas drilling.“

For more information and talking points on this issue, click here.

You are making a difference!  Now is the time to increase our efforts and show that we mean what we say.  I hope to see you at the Capitol tomorrow!