Budget update and what to do

Events at the Legislature are flying fast. Here’s the update!

Yesterday, Oklahoma Policy Institute Executive Director David Blatt, Policy Director Gene Perry, and myself, Together Oklahoma Coordinator Kara Joy McKee, hosted a Budget Update Webinar and you can watch or listen to that update here.  We discuss what revenues are being considered so far, then what may be put on the table, and finally what you can do.

What you can do?

Build the enthusiasm is the name of the game!  Make calls, visit the Capitol, bring your friends!

We are building our legislators’ enthusiasm for passing good revenue bills.  We want them to know all their constituents WANT them to restore the gross production tax on oil and gas drilling to 7% on all wells all the time! Beyond that, we know the budget crater is big, and we want them to choose responsible solutions to fill it that don’t put all the burden on working Oklahoma families.  

  • Coordination of groups of Capitol visitors is happening in our Together OK Facebook group every day!
  • We will keep updating this Advocacy Alert on raising the gross production tax and putting out tons of info in blogs and on social media.
  • Strategy conversations are happening in Slack and on Facebook.

We’ve got your back so YOU can let legislators know that we all have their backs if they do the right things. 

  • Visit
  • Invite your friends to do so
  • Call
  • Write
  • Repeat

Keep it up!  You are making the most difference in this conversation that I have ever seen!