Seven easy steps to boost a better budget

Tell lawmakers we need a budget that will protect essential services while raising new revenues #DoSomethingOK!  Thank you for all you’re doing to get the word out to your fellow Oklahomans, but who can actually fix this budget emergency and who was elected to represent you?

Photo from Janine
Photo from Janine

You have exactly TWO state legislators elected to represent you in deciding where to invest our resources and/or how much state services will be cut.  What would our state look like if each and every one of us took responsibility for our own two state legislators?  Let’s not let another bad budget pass without making sure our two state legislators know that their own constituents want them to pass a better budget!

Seven steps to take with links to more detailed instructions:

  1. Know who your two state legislators are by checking HERE.
  2. Consider the best way to get their attention (Visit them, write, or at least call? More tips HERE)
  3. Figure out what you want to say. (At the very least say, “we need a budget that will protect essential services while raising new revenues”. More talking points about the budget emergency HERE.)  Be sure to keep the dialogue respectful!
  4. Ask for a response. (Verify that they have heard, understand your perspective, and have told you how they plan to fill the budget hole. (More on this in The basics of talking to a legislator)
  5. Respond to their response and get a conversation going. (They need to know that you will hold them accountable! Remember most Oklahomans don’t vote. That lack of participation means we have to work extra hard to show legislators that we actually mean business.)
  6. Invite your fellow constituents to do the same. (You can even form a team and see if the response they gave you was similar to what your fellow constituents heard from them.)
  7. If you have any trouble getting in touch with your two state legislators check out our 3 pro tips for getting your legislator to respond.

Between encouraging your legislators to do the right thing, developing a team within your districts, and inviting your networks to join Together Oklahoma chapters and follow the seven steps above, you should have plenty of ways to make a difference.  Oklahoma needs you, so let’s get down to it!

For more information on our Campaign for a Better Budget and #DoSomethingOK check out our webpage here and please spread the word.

Upcoming events:

Together Oklahoma in Stillwater – Want to be more involved in making Oklahoma better? Join us 5:30-7:30 on Tuesday, April 26th (location in Stillwater TBA).  We are making strategic decisions about how to have the most impact on the things that matter to you like finding schools, criminal justice reform, safe communities, health care, good jobs, access to public services and more. Take this brief survey to get connected to other folks who are informed, who care, and who are ready to take action! Get to know your neighbors, build on our strategy, and develop relationships to create public policies that work! 

Let’s Fix This: A Day at the Capitol for Regular Folks Who Care – “Let’s go and express our concerns. Let’s hear lawmaker’s perspectives. Let’s ask them questions. Let’s ask each other questions. Let’s answer questions, give suggestions, and share ideas. Let’s dialogue with the people who make the decisions. Let’s Fix This.” #DoSomethingOK
Keep up the great work! Keep sharing testimonials with the hashtag #DoSomethingOK and know we are in this together!