SoonerCare work requirements will be harmful to families

Multiple bills have been filed this session that would threaten health care coverage for struggling parents. HB 2932 and SB 1179 would end SoonerCare coverage for low-income parents who fail to complete work, training, or volunteer requirements. We have many good options to get people into the workforce, but taking away Oklahomans’ access to health care isn’t one of […]

3,313 parents are counting on their representatives to vote NO to SB 1030 on Tuesday

SB 1030 would slash the income cutoff for low-income parents to be eligible for SoonerCare, ending health coverage for thousands of Oklahomans. Under this bill, a single mother with one child would be too wealthy for SoonerCare if she made more than $275 per month. This new cutoff would be lower than every state in the […]

Committee deadline has passed. Here are the issues TOK members are advocating on this week.

The deadline for bills to make it out of committee has passed. Both good and bad bills made it over this hurdle. Here are issues that we’re speaking out on this week: Stop Attacks on SoonerCare Multiple bills have been proposed this legislative session that would take away SoonerCare health coverage from very low income […]

Two important votes this week and we need your voice!

Support SB 1086: Repeal the capital gains deduction Oklahoma’s capital gain deduction allows income from the sale of Oklahoma real estate or stock in an Oklahoma-based firm to go fully untaxed. The capital gains tax break is costing Oklahoma hundreds of millions without paying off in economic growth. In addition, the capital gains tax break […]