Together Oklahoma Update: Spring into action!

It’s spring! There are 9 weeks left in session, and the Oklahoma state budget is in crisis. That brings us to… ACTION ALERT: Really important decisions are being made right now about next years budget. Put in your address at to get connected with your legislators and find sample language for a letter to them. […]

Together Oklahoma is going on tour!

Is democracy broken in Oklahoma?  Our state is far too often ranked near the bottom for participation in the political process and the health and well-being of Oklahomans. How do we develop a state budget that reflects our priorities and a tax system that allows us to meet our needs? What’s holding Oklahomans back, and […]

The poll results show you aren’t alone!

Oklahomans Agree… A new public opinion poll shows that less than half of Oklahoma registered voters now support the plan to reduce the state’s top income tax rate. Huge majorities oppose cutting funding for services like education, public safety, and health care to pay for tax cuts. Oklahomans know that isn’t a good trade. The poll shows […]

Out of the “chamber of origin” and into the fire?

Where are we in the legislative session?  You may know, but MANY Oklahomans struggle to keep up with the fast moving and complicated legislative process. Please help your friends and neighbors by sharing this information. By March 15th, all bills that will be heard this session have passed their “chamber of origin.” Any bills we […]