The poll results show you aren’t alone!

Oklahomans Agree…

A new public opinion poll shows that less than half of Oklahoma registered voters now support the plan to reduce the state’s top income tax rate. Huge majorities oppose cutting funding for services like education, public safety, and health care to pay for tax cuts. Oklahomans know that isn’t a good trade.


The poll shows that Oklahomans are starting to pay attention, but chances are high that our legislators haven’t got the message. We are the anti-tax cut majority, but we won’t be heard if we don’t speak up!

Tell your legislators: “Fund my services, don’t cut my taxes!”

Will we see you at the rally?

Rally-web--logoOne week from today (Monday, March 31st) is the rally for education funding at the Capitol. Thousands are expected to be there standing up for Oklahoma children. Are you planning to attend?  Have you let your legislator know you will be there and why?

Lawmakers may say they support education, but the real test is whether they are willing to find the money. Don’t buy the hype that budget cuts are the only option this year. We’ll soon be posting suggestions for how lawmakers can boost funding and avoid more cuts. If they say we don’t have the revenue, it’s their job to find it!

Here is a great example…

of one Oklahoman speaking up to explain that “Being a conservative means that I don’t mind spending money wisely…” If your legislator cares about their job, they probably read the paper from your home town.  Write a letter to the editor to get your legislators’ attention!

Call to Action

For years, outside interest groups have been telling our legislators that the best way to stay elected is to promise to tax cuts. The budget shortfall has convinced many of them that this isn’t a good year for a tax cut.  BUT it is also an election year, so they feel pressure to make irresponsible promises. Tell your legislators that if they do the courageous thing and say no to tax cuts, yes to education funding, yes to expanded health coverage, and no to unnecessary tax breaks, then you will have their back.


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