What are the core values of Together Oklahoma?

[Note: The launch of the new membership process for Together Oklahoma is still coming soon, but not quite as soon as we promised in last week’s email. We’re busy training TOK volunteer leaders to welcome new members and make sure they get the best possible first impression of Together Oklahoma. Thanks for bearing with us!]


As we develop our Together Oklahoma network, the staff and leadership team members have been discussing how to describe the principles underneath what we are building. We are a statewide coalition of advocates for better budget and tax policies, but what does that mean?

Of course Together Oklahoma is a work in progress because it’s being created as we speak by the volunteer members, but here are the beginnings of a vision for our future:

Envisioning Together Oklahoma

  • We confidently affirm that a budget is a moral document, and we are deeply troubled by what our current state budget says about Oklahoma values.
  • Working together, we seek the best ways to provide prosperity for all Oklahomans in a thriving economy and with safe, healthy, equitable, and prosperous communities. We connect Oklahomans who share this mission to the facts and to each other.
  • We insist on transparency and accountability from elected leaders, and we commit ourselves to fulfilling our responsibilities as active citizens. We focus on our home state because policy decisions made here are what affect us most and what we have the most power to affect.

Does that capture it well? Is there anything you would add or change? I’d love to hear your response!

Just one week left to register for Fall Policy Boot Camp

The next big opportunity to put these principles into action is coming soon! If you aren’t already signed up for one of OK Policy’s Fall Policy Bootcamps – on Oct 14th in Tulsa or Oct 15th in Edmond – I hope you’ll register now. This is a great way to get the information you need to be ready when the bills start flying around the Oklahoma House and Senate next year.

Other Upcoming Events

 As always, you can see these things and more at our website togetherok.org