Exactly how many of us does it take to level the playing field?

There are more than 300 registered lobbyists in Oklahoma. Some of them do this work for the right reasons, but many others are working for well-funded special interests who absolutely DON’T want what you want.

If we are going to counterbalance money power with people power, we need effective citizen advocates to vastly outnumber the special interest lobbyists. Legislators tell us it takes 7 real connections with their own constituents about any given bill to make them give that issue a deeper look.  How many of your fellow constituents are doing what it takes?

We have so much people power just waiting to be used. And during the special session that starts next week, we have a unique chance to focus that power on the budget.

1. Have you called your two legislators about your concerns about the budget?  

Now’s a great time to do that, and you can find talking points here.

2. Have you asked 6 of your friends and neighbors to do #1 with us and helped make sure they follow through?  

That’s a great next step after you contact legislators yourself.

3. Have you signed up to come to the Capitol with us during special session or to call your fellow TOK members in other districts?  If you have done one and two, and you have more care to give, I hope you will do three. The sign-up sheet is here. We have detailed instructions, scripts, and helpers to assist you every step of the way.

We are counting on you!


If you need more info, here are some resources that can help: