Expand access to health insurance in Oklahoma

This year, Oklahoma lawmakers have the opportunity to bring Oklahomans the health care they need. SB 605, authored by Sen. McCortney, represents an important first step in the discussion about expanding access to health insurance in Oklahoma. SB 605 is up for a vote in the Senate Retirement and Insurance committee TODAY at 10am. Please call committee members and ask them to vote YES on SB 605.If Oklahoma accepts federal dollars to expand access to insurance:

  • More than 100,000 Oklahomans, mostly low-income working adults, will get to see a doctor, fill a prescription, and get regular treatment for a mental illness or addiction
  • Fewer Oklahoma families will be at risk of financial ruin due to a single health care emergency or a chronic medical condition
  • Dozens of rural hospitals and other struggling health care providers will be on more stable financial footing
  • Learn more about expanding health coverage in Oklahoma here.

SB 605 is the start of a good-faith effort to bring Oklahomans’ tax dollars back to get our family members, friends, and neighbors the health insurance they need. Please call members of the Senate Retirement and Insurance Committee this morning and ask them to vote YES on SB 605.

Sen. Marty Quinn 405-521-5555 quinn@oksenate.gov
Sen. Ron Sharp 405-521-5539 sharp@oksenate.gov
Sen. Michael Brooks 405-521-5557 brooks@oksenate.gov
Sen. John Haste 405-521-5602 john.haste@oksenate.gov
Sen. Kevin Matthews 405-521-5598 matthews@oksenate.gov
Sen. John Michael Montgomery 405-521-5567 john.montgomery@oksenate.gov
Sen. Gary Stanislawski 405-521-5624 stanislawski@oksenate.gov
Sen. Brenda Stanley 405-521-5584 brenda.stanley@oksenate.gov

Published by Sabine Brown

Sabine Brown joined the Oklahoma Policy Institute as Housing Senior Policy Analyst in January 2022. She previously worked at OK Policy from January 2018 until September 2020 as the Outreach and Legislative Director, and earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. Before joining OK Policy she served as the Oklahoma Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Sabine also earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science from the University of Oklahoma and was a physician assistant prior to discovering advocacy work. She grew up in Germany but has called Oklahoma home since 1998.