Face-to-Face February and Funding Human Services?

Photo by Ali Arsh

WOW! Congratulations on some great Legislative 101 events!!! Last weekend we had almost 400 Oklahomans at our events. TOK Tulsa had the most attendees, TOK OKC is the only group that had a legislator show up to help with their exercise, and TOK Norman  got the most press coverage.  I am so proud of all of our efforts! This is the kind of momentum we need to carry into Face-to-Face February.

Face-to-Face February

Yep, it is time to make sure our legislators see the looks on our faces when we talk about the pain that budget cuts have caused for our communities and our families and the options for new recurring revenues.  To help us achieve a successful face-to-face interaction with our legislators TOK events teams are planning events in our TOK Slack channels, but you can also help plan one yourself. In fact, some of you have already stepped to this effort with one-on-one meetings with legislators in your districts.  Go you!  Let’s build on those relationships by carpooling to the capitol, attending town hall meetings, scheduling more meetings in districts, getting to know legislative assistants, and working together with our TOK team members to maximize our efforts.

How will your elected leaders know what matters to you if you don’t tell them? 

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Let’s all make sure we have tools we need to navigate the Capitol this session.  Our legislators need us!

Remember that Together Oklahoma is sponsored by a 501-c3 non-profit, which means there is a limit to how many times I can remind you to remind your legislators to take specific actions on specific bills. Echoing our priorities and supporting each other is up to you.  I am so very proud to be on this team with all of you!