What we haven’t done to stop impending cuts to services

Made sure that ALL House members are ready to vote NO on SB 1246.  This bill is extra scary because it is what they call a “live round.” Usually tax bills have their “titles stricken”, which mean they get sent to conference committee for further consideration. SB 1246 has moved through the process with its title on. That means if the House votes in favor, then it goes straight to the Governor to become law. (Do not pass go, do not collect $200 MILLION more dollars.)  It’s a big deal! SB 1246 will be heard by the full House this week.

Please call or email today and tell your Representative to vote NO on SB 1246! Click here to find your legislators’ contact information.

In the short term, you have to help your legislators understand IT IS TIME TO GET REAL. We aren’t just looking at a revenue shortfall for next year. Oklahoma’s income has fallen so far below estimates that our services may face automatic, across the board budget cuts this year. Does that sound like a good time for more tax cuts? The Journal Record and The Tulsa World don’t think so; that’s why both papers wrote strong editorials last week against a tax cut.

Tell legislators right now to vote NO on SB 1246 and its companion measure HB 2508. Tell them to take the title off of SB1246 before they accidentally shoot themselves in the foot.  Tell them that you don’t like tax cuts in a year where we are barely keeping our heads above water.  Tell them you can connect the dots between loss in funding for education, health care, and public safety with the loss in revenue from unnecessary and unaffordable tax breaks and untimely income tax cuts. Click here for even more talking points about these unwise tax cut bills.

They have other options, and they need to know that you know it!  If they have heard from you and they ignore you, they need to know that your frustration will spread like a bad restaurant review.

Before I let you go, I have one more request.  Tell your friends in other legislative districts about this information.  One legislator can’t win this battle on their own.  YOU are the key to making this plan work.  Spread the word and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Make sure to like us on Facebook so that you can comment, like and share our posts with your family and friends.

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