Help support working families by calling these legislators

Oklahoma’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is modeled on an a federal tax credit that has been proven to be effective in encouraging work and supporting low-income families with children. But in 2016 , the Legislature slashed the state EITC for over 200,000 Oklahoma families by making the credit “non-refundable,” meaning it does nothing for families who pay sales taxes and property taxes but don’t earn enough to pay state income taxes.

Refundability is critical for the EITC to serve its function of making work pay and reducing poverty for those workers earning the least. A single parent with two kids working full-time at $10 an hour lost more than $200 last year because Oklahoma’s EITC is not refundable. Learn more about the EITC here.

This session, we have an opportunity to fix the mistakes of the past and you can help.

Several bills have been filed this session to restore the EITC tax credit and provide a vital boost to hard-working Oklahomans. Unfortunately, these bills have stalled in committee without being brought up for debate or a vote.

In the Senate, call the members of the Senate Finance Committee and ask them to call for a vote on these bills that would restore EITC refundability–SB 169, SB 637, SB 659 and SB 792.

Sen. Stephanie Bice 405-521-5592
Sen. Chuck Hall 405-521-5628
Sen. Kay Floyd 405-521-5610
Sen. Julia Kirt 405-521-5636
Sen. John Michael Montgomery 405-521-5567
Sen. Dave Rader 405-521-5620
Sen. Paul Rosino 405-521-5618
Sen. Frank Simpson 405-521-5607
Sen. Brenda Stanley 405-521-5584
Sen. Roger Thompson 405-521-5588

In the House, call members of the House Appropriations and Budget Finance Subcommittee and ask them to call for a vote on these bills that would restore EITC refundability–HB 1033, HB 1084, HB 1454, HB 1860 and HB 2459.

Rep. Scott Fetgatter 405-557-7373
Rep. Merleyn Bell 405-557-7386
Rep. Jeff Boatman 405-557-7341
Rep. Chelsey Branham 403-557-7409
Rep. Rusty Cornwell 405-557-7319
Rep. Brian Hill 405-557-7333
Rep. Mark Lepak 405-557-7380
Rep. Garry Mize 405-557-7350

Update on other legislation:

SB 605, a bill which would expand access to health insurance, passed out of committee by a unanimous vote. It has now been assigned to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

SB 252, a bill that will help end pretrial detention for people accused of misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies who are locked up simply because they’re unable to buy their freedomfrom a bail bond agent, passed out of the Senate Judiciary committee with a 9-2 vote. The title was struck and the bill now proceeds to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

HB 1269, a bill that would allow people convicted of simple drug possession and low-level property crime to be eligible for shorter sentences, is still waiting for a vote in the House Judiciary Committee.

Published by Sabine Brown

Sabine Brown joined the Oklahoma Policy Institute as an Infrastructure and Access Senior Policy Analyst in January 2022. She previously worked at OK Policy from January 2018 until September 2020 as the Outreach and Legislative Director, and received a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. Before joining OK Policy she served as the Oklahoma Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Sabine also earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science from the University of Oklahoma and was a physician assistant prior to discovering advocacy work. She grew up in Germany but has called Oklahoma home since 1998.