Tax Cut Talking Points

Action Alert

Please call or email your legislators today and tell them to vote NO on the tax cut bills, SB 1246 and HB 2508!

Talking Points

  • Don’t cut my taxes, fund my services! It’s better for Oklahomans and better for the economy to keep the revenue for schools, public health and safety, and other important services.
  • Triggering automatic tax cuts whenever revenue grows is irresponsible. Oklahoma could face a natural disaster, spiking health care costs, court mandates, or who knows what. Lawmakers can’t predict the future, so they shouldn’t be putting the budget on auto-pilot.
  • A minimal revenue increase is the wrong trigger. We should have no tax cuts until we’re reducing our class sizes, paying teachers and state employees adequately, and maintaining public buildings. Make it personal! Can you think of other benchmarks for Oklahoma to meet before we cut taxes again?
  • When you’re in a hole, stop digging! Revenue is so far below estimates that state agencies could face automatic, across-the-board budget cuts this year, and the budget picture doesn’t look any better next year. In this situation, we can’t afford to dig the hole even deeper with more tax cuts.

Read more about this issue in our “Protect Essential Revenues” fact sheet.

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