Kicking off the #betterok Budget Bootcamp!

In 2016, Together Oklahoma increased efforts to expand our membership and empower more Oklahomans to fight for a better state budget. With many new members on board as we begin a new year and approach the 2017 legislative session, we felt it important to educate our members on how the state budget effects issues that affect us all.

To that end, we’re starting a six week budget bootcamp on Facebook, Twitter, and Slack, focusing each week on a different aspect of our state budget and the small steps each of us can take to ensure prosperity for all Oklahomans.

We’ll be providing a budget overview this week, meant to highlight how the budget effects areas like education, healthcare, and poverty, and how recent trends have led to underfunding in many areas. Look for another email this Thursday, posts on the Together Oklahoma Facebook page, @togetherok on Twitter, and share them with your friends and followers using the hashtag #betterok.

We hope by the end, you’ll feel more informed and empowered to put this information to use by advocating with your two state legislators! Each and every one of us has a role to play in making a better Oklahoma budget.  Remember, there is no reason to assume that your legislators know what matters to you unless you tell them.

Together, we CAN build a #betterok!