One Thing Thursday: your legislators don’t answer to only you, what can you do?

Thank you for joining us again this week to talk about one thing that you can do to join Together Oklahoma in our work to fully fund the priorities that matter to ALL Oklahomans. Our Together Oklahoma vision states that-

  • We confidently affirm that a budget is a moral document, and we are deeply troubled by what our current state budget says about Oklahoma values.

When we say “a budget is a moral document”, we mean a budget reflects the values of those who write it. If we don’t value something then we don’t put resources towards it. If the legislators of the state of Oklahoma want to keep showing us that they do not value what we value, like public schools, rural hospitals, nursing homes, our ability to respond to epidemics, water quality testing, safe roads and bridges, libraries, museums, state parks, disaster preparedness, domestic violence prevention, drug abuse treatment, and so much more, then our legislators may continue to choose to not fund those things. That is NOT their only option!

Do most Oklahomans value all those things?  I am confident that we do!  
It is up to us to help them make better choices. No one of us can do it alone.  Let’s get together with our district teams to support each other in fighting to make sure our tax dollars are used to invest in our values.

Your legislators need to know, that we know, that they have options to fund the budget.  Engaging with your fellow constituents, instead of going it alone, is essential because your legislators don’t answer to only you.  There are lots of advocacy tasks you can do on your own, but if you don’t engage with your fellow constituents at all, you are unwisely keeping yourself uninformed about information you need to know. 

One Thing Thursday for March 30th, 2017-

Meet with your district teams to plan how you’ll be influencing your own legislator and making sure they insist on investing in Oklahoma using good options to fund the budget

Again, please make a plan attend one of these district meetings for constituents in your own state legislative districts and/or follow these directions to set up your own meeting that other TOK members can attend.  Our future depends on you and what you do!