Time to Sign Up!

We are more than half-way through the legislative session. Whew! Since Together Oklahoma focuses on reasonable revenue solutions to fill the big ol’ budget hole, the last half of session means crunch time for us! There is NO reason to trust that the legislature will pass a good budget without hearing from you. They are already making deals and some of what some of them are saying would make you furious! There are so many ways to advocate but the most impactful way to communicate that we want them to do better is show up in person to look them in the eye and tell your story.

Sign Someone Up for a Day at the Capitol!

TOK leaders will be at the Oklahoma State Capitol to help orient advocates who sign up for any of the Capitol days and times listed on this poll.  Sign up for a time that you can be there AND/OR convince someone you know to sign up to be there on behalf of both of you.   We’ll give you all the support you need to say to our legislators-“We won’t tolerate another budget that tears down our communities!” 

Your commitment matters! Usually budget deals don’t come out until the very last moment of session, but thanks to your advocacy, we’re starting to see budget plans emerge, and more are on the way. Teachers, nurses, park rangers, students, rural doctors, fire fighters, and all the rest of our fellow Oklahomans are depending on us. I feel confident that Together Oklahoma members are going to do all we can to make sure this year’s state budget actually reflects our values! 

Keep up the great work, sign up for a Capitol day, and I’ll see you there!

– KJ

(For more about which key bills are still alive, which are dead, and what’s at play in negotiations over the state budget, check out this podcast from me and OK Policy)