Our Guiding Principles


Kids-with-flag_300We Protect Our Values

Oklahomans are patriotic, faithful, fiercely independent, and caring people who value family, honest hard work, and lending a helping hand. This shared heritage provides a strong foundation to support future efforts for Oklahoma and its people.

business-construction-workersWe Prosper Economically

Oklahoma’s prosperity must be built on a foundation of a high quality education system, safe communities, healthy and stable families, a competitive business environment, and good paying jobs. We must protect our natural resources and help those in need.

chart-pen-calculatorWe Ensure Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal policy decisions should be based on a clear understanding of the current obligations of state government. Together, we can pursue a balanced approach to meeting these and future obligations in the most cost-effective and accountable ways.

core-servicesWe Invest In Core Services

Chronic budget cuts in recent years have severely strained Oklahoma’s core public services — the schools, infrastructure, emergency responders, and safety net that are crucial for a prosperous, livable state. Together, we must find ways to restore adequate funding levels for these essential services while ensuring government operates in a cost-effective manner.

balance-clippedWe Build A Balanced Tax System

Economists have shown that Oklahoma has a competitive local and state tax structure compared to other states. We should maintain a tax system that is not overly reliant on any single tax in order to better withstand economic fluctuations and inevitable economic downturns. We must avoid enacting tax policy changes at the state level that will shift burdens to local governments. Together, we can find ways to be more efficient with every dollar of state revenue.

teacher-clippedWe Create Opportunities For All

We can continue our tradition of combining common sense and compassion to create tax and budget policies that are both socially and fiscally responsible. Together, we can promote strong families while ensuring a safety net for our seniors, children, and families struggling to get by.

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