SB 1246 – How They Voted

SB 1246 – How They Voted

Take Action                            

  1. Look up your House legislator here.
  2. See if they voted for or against the tax cut bill below.
  3. Thank your legislator if they opposed irresponsible tax cuts or hold them accountable if they supported the tax cuts!

    YEAS:   54

    Banz               Enns               McDaniel, R.       Schwartz          

    Biggs              Fisher             Moore              Sears             

    Billy              Grau               Mulready           Shannon           

    Blackwell          Hall               Murphey            Smalley           

    Brumbaugh          Jackson            Nelson             Stiles            

    Christian          Johnson            Newell             Turner            

    Cleveland          Jordan             O’Donnell          Vaughan           

    Cockroft           Joyner             Osborn             Walker            

    Coody              Kern               Peterson           Wesselhoft        

    Cooksey            Kirby              Quinn              Wood              

    Dank               Martin, Sc.        Reynolds           Wright            

    Denney             Martin, St.        Ritze              Hickman       

    Derby              McBride            Roberts, S.       

    Echols             McCullough         Sanders           

    NAYS:   40

    Armes              Hamilton           McNiel             Renegar           

    Brown              Hardin             McPeak             Roberts, D.       

    Cannaday           Hoskin             Morrissette        Rousselot         

    Casey              Hulbert            Nollan             Scott             

    Condit             Inman              Ortega             Shelton           

    Cox                Kouplen            Ownbey             Sherrer           

    DeWitt             Lockhart           Perryman           Shoemake          

    Floyd              Matthews           Pittman            Thomsen           

    Fourkiller         McDaniel, C.       Proctor            Virgin            

    Glenn              McDaniel, J.       Pruett             Williams          

  NOT VOTING:    7

    Bennett            Henke              Russ               Watson            

    Dorman             McCall             Trebilcock

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