A Smart on Crime victory!

Success!  Legislators heard from you about our Get Smart on Crime priority and the much needed HB2168 passed the Criminal Justice and Corrections committee yesterday 8-2. Hooray!

The bill would lessen many of the barriers that prevent ex-felons from getting a job after leaving prison or probation, and you can check out a summary and talking points about it here

So what’s next?  Folks sometimes hear when they’ve done wrong and not much more.  Our legislators need positive reinforcement too!  They especially need to hear THANK YOU when they get it right.

Now is the perfect time to write to, visit, call, or email legislators Mark McCullough and Kevin Matthews who introduced this great idea for giving ex-felons more options for becoming productive citizens.  If you only have time for two thank you’s send them to those two.

Mark McCullough

Kevin Matthews

While you are saying thank you is a great time to remind them that we will need their strong leadership when this bill comes to the House floor.

Other committee members who voted yes and deserve a thank you are:

Representative Billy, Lisa
(405) 557-7365

Representative Cleveland, Bobby
(405) 557-7308

Representative Cooksey, Marian
(405) 557-7342

Representative Peterson, Pam
(405) 557-7341

Representative Sherrer, Ben
(405) 557-7364

Representative Tadlock, Johnny
(405) 557-7363

Representative Williams, Cory
(405) 557-7411

YOUR representative is most responsive to you so look them up (here)  tell them of this exciting news on HB2168, and encorage them to support the bill when it’s heard by the full House!  Happy news is a great opportunity to remind folks of our priorities, so tell your legislators and your friends about these and make sure they are all getting our Together Tuesday Updates.

We can’t do it all, but together we are making a difference, and smart people know when to celebrate their success.

Thanks to all of you!

Kara-Joy McKee
Outreach Specialist
Oklahoma Policy Institute