How To Start a Chapter of Together Oklahoma

Chapters of Together Oklahoma are larger groups that encompass multiple legislative districts. There are lots of things chapters can do, but here is what they must do to be a TOK Chapter:

  1. Be in an area that needs a TOK Chapter.  Our active chapters are TOK OKC, TOK Tulsa, and TOK Norman, but there are more than enough people to start TOK Chapters all over the state.
  2. Have at least 2 people who are enthusiastic about starting a TOK Chapter and willing to plan an event and contact members in your area.
  3. Be ready to support our vision for Together Oklahoma
    • We confidently affirm that a budget is a moral document, and we are deeply troubled by what our current state budget says about Oklahoma values.
    • Working together, we seek the best ways to provide prosperity for all Oklahomans in a thriving economy and with safe, healthy, equitable, and prosperous communities. We connect Oklahomans who share this mission to the facts and to each other.
    • We insist on transparency and accountability from elected leaders, and we commit ourselves to fulfilling our responsibilities as active citizens. We focus on our home state because policy decisions made here are what affect us most and what we have the most power to affect.
    • Our non-partisan advocacy efforts welcome all Oklahomans to join us to work together for a better Oklahoma.
  4. The two founding members should reach out to us at and let us know that you’d like to form a chapter once you have 1-3.  We can help you get it going from there.