The Final Countdown!

Thanks for coming to the Capitol or at least being willing to do so! Legislators still have a long way to go to fix the budget, but this week so many amazing people showed up to tell them what’s important. This is what democracy SHOULD look like. We are making a difference in a way that I haven’t seen before!

For the past couple weeks we’ve been doing the following:

  1. Carpooling when possible,
  2. Meeting up at the Capitol,
  3. Talking to our own legislators,
  4. Telling them about what the cuts will mean to our own families,
  5. Taking stock of who is willing to increase the gross production tax (GPT) on oil and gas,
  6. Finding out what other revenue options they are considering,
  7. Debunking some wacky GPT myths they’ve been told,
  8. Following up to thank them for their time,
  9. AND taking lots of pictures and videos to post on our own social media.

Here are three good examples of what I’m talking about.

I obviously can’t post Adam’s video via TOK social media but that is more than okay! You can even not post a video and just do photos with legislators like these from Chris Sanders, Jabee Williams, Charles Martin, and Debbie Hill.

Here is why anything goes on these:

  1. We need to overwhelm our legislators with contacts from constituents this week.
  2. They’re scared to raise the gross production tax on oil & gas though they know they should.
  3. With just a smidgen of your social cred, YOU have the power to give folks courage to come to the Capitol and or call legislators.
  4. We can win a budget that would literally save lives.  That is why we’re pulling out the stops.

If you need any more video inspiration.  Here is Andy Moore from Let’s Fix This explaining exactly what the heck is going on and just how angry he, and I, and others are about this.  (Yes, we do have life vests and buttons that you can wear!)

Next week!

The state constitution says they are supposed to have all revenue bills voted on before the last 5 days of session.  That means a May 19th deadline. The legislative session is supposed to end on May 26th, but they may go into special session instead. (If that seems confusing that is because it kinda is.) What you need to know is, each day of special session costs more than a teacher’s annual salary, so we want to avoid that.  We are going to get all the calls and visits we can get flowing their way on Monday and Tuesday.

What to do-

Sign up for a shift HERE or just show up at the Capitol and find us. You can also find a whole bunch of the team in conversation on our Together Oklahoma email alternative called Slack. (More about what Slack is and how we use it HERE.)

I bet I don’t have to tell you again that we need you, but we do. Many of our friends and neighbors can’t wait for the next election to get this right, not when hospitals, schools, and nursing homes are at stake. If you can’t come in person, keep calling and keep asking your friends to call.  We are in this together, and we are doing the best job of this I’ve ever seen!