Together OK Creates Online Video to Help Participants Re-enroll in SoonerCare  

Together Oklahoma, the grassroot advocacy program of the Oklahoma Policy Institute, hosted an online event with partners statewide to highlight the importance of updating eligibility for Oklahomans to remain covered by SoonerCare. The two-hour OK Wellness Watch event — which remains available online — walks Oklahomans through the process of updating information on the Soonercare website and provides insight and resources from several different federally funded community health centers statewide.

The online video features:

  • A walkthrough demonstration of how residents can update their eligibility information to maintain SoonerCare coverage.
  • Information about accessing free or low-cost, federally funded community health clinics for uninsured Oklahomans.
  • Information about free AIDS and STI (sexually transmitted infections) testing.

Since April, at least 160,000 Oklahomans have lost health insurance coverage and an estimated 140,000 Oklahomans could still be at risk of losing coverage during the SoonerCare re-enrollment process. Families with outdated information on file may be at risk of losing their SoonerCare health insurance even if they meet eligibility requirements. Oklahomans who have lost coverage or who are at risk of losing coverage in coming months should update their contact, employment, and income information at or by calling 800-987-7767 and answering a few simple questions over the phone. The process takes about five minutes for most people. Community partners listed below who participated in the Wellness Watch event can also assist in helping connect people to health care.

  • Great Plains Improvement Foundation, 2 SE Lee Blvd., Suite 100, Lawton, OK;
  • Guiding Right New Hope Wellness Center, 2809 NW 31st Street, Oklahoma City;
  • Guiding Right in Tulsa, 4619 S. Harvard Ave. Suite 104, Tulsa;
  • OIC of Oklahoma County, 3033 N. Walnut Ave., Oklahoma City;
  • Perry A. Klassen Family Medical Center, 1006 NE 17th Street, Oklahoma City;

For more information or to watch the OK Wellness Watch event, visit

Published by Kandis West

Kandis West is a communications professional with more than 15 years of experience. Most recently, she served as the Communications Director for the Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus. She spent nine years in the Olympia/Tacoma area of Washington organizing compensation campaigns for teachers for the Washington Education Association. Kandis has a proven track record of increasing community engagement, public awareness and media exposure around the most pressing issues that impact citizens. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism.