Together Oklahoma: Coming to a Tuesday near you…

Have you ever gone on a tour of Oklahoma?  Two stops in, the Together Tuesdays Tour is off to a great start!

We visited Enid and Woodward and learned about some of the challenges facing communities in Northwest Oklahoma.

  • Concern about lack of tornado shelters for schools
  • Frustration that voters registered as Independent can’t vote in the primaries
  • The need to reinvest revenues from energy production
  • “Down-staters” ignoring the panhandle
  • Oklahoma’s rural-urban split 
  • Ongoing conversations about consolidating schools 

If you’re in that part of the state and want to join in on the conversation, we encourage you to join the new Together Northwest Oklahoma Facebook group.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

Are you ready to tell us about the issues that concern you when we bring our presentation and conversation your way?