Are we leaving it up to chance?

359770309_eb7728db0d_zNow that we are past the drama of who is filing for office, legislators are more ready to make decisions about the budget.  Will they make decisions based on your input or are you leaving the fate of our great state up to chance?

Three reasons your two legislators may listen to you:

  • Because you can vote them out of office.
  • Because they want to leave a legacy of doing the right thing.
  • Because they care about Oklahoma and when you get their attention and actually tell your story it can help them become more empathetic to you and your situation.

If you’ve tried it and it hasn’t work, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they sure they heard and understood you? (Unless you’ve had long conversations face to face. you probably aren’t sure.)
  • Might another messenger be more persuasive? (There are other people in your districts who may have facts or a story that could touch their hearts. Find those people!  They are your neighbors and they can join our Campaign for a Better Budget HERE.)

This year we are facing an unprecedented crisis and fixing this mess means all hands on deck.  I hope you will join us at the capitol by scheduling a meeting with your two legislators during the Let’s Fix This Rally on April 27th, or the Medicaid RALLY DAY on May 2nd, or any time you can schedule a meeting with your legislators. If you can’t visit the Capitol, please do write and/or call your legislators.  There are lives depending on our ability to persuade our legislators to pass a better budget.  Here are three tip sheets to help you do it better.  I believe in you all and the choice is yours.  Will you throw in the towel or will you refuse to give up without a proper fight?

Keep up to date with all the resources in our campaign for a better budget at and #DoSomethingOK!