Together Tuesdays Update: An early lead in the Forgotten Fourteen Contest and Who can you tell?

There are campaigns to lobby legislators with big money and special interests behind them. This isn’t one of those campaigns.  This is about you!  Halting the Tax Cut to save our state funding is about people, organizations, and businesses like you and yours spreading the information by word of mouth. YOU realize that Oklahoma’s schools, public safety, health care system, and services for the most vulnerable have already been hammered by year after year of cutbacks, and that more tax cuts during a budget crisis just don’t add up.

Many Oklahomans don’t even know we have a budget shortfall nor do they know that continued cuts are causing us all to suffer.  Many who do know it is there don’t realize they can do something to stop it. Here’s how YOU can help:

  • Have you used our simple online form to alert your legislators to Halt the Tax Cut? If you’ve done so – thank you, now please tell your friends.
  • Have you downloaded and shared supporting information like these Halt the Tax Cut talking Points?
  • Have you asked every leader of a business or organization to endorse our sign-on letter? We’ll deliver the first group of signatures today but leaders can still sign on on behalf of their organization.

This is a big deal and not some false sense of urgency.

Who is going to win the Forgotten Fourteen Competition?

Photo by KJoy
Photo by KJoy

Last week we kicked off our Forgotten Fourteen Competition where we encouraged residents in areas that hadn’t responded to our online action form to contact their legislators. We’ve been impressed that some Senate Districts jumped into action right away.  Here is where we stand:

Fascinating!  This contest is so close and YOU can make the difference.  Look HERE to see which Oklahoma towns and cities are in each district and contact the people you know in those places to have them use our simple form to make sure we’re saying it loud and clear, “HALT the TAX CUT!”

In another interesting turn our competition has left a few more Senate districts in the dust.  We aren’t adding them to the Forgotten Fourteen contest but they could really use a boost.  Tell your friends in these senate districts to use our simple online form too: SD O2 (Marty Quinn of  Claremore) , SD 08 (Roger Thompson of Okemah)   , SD19 (Patrick Anderson of Enid)  , SD 23 (Ron Justice of Chickasha) , SD 34 (Rick Brinkley of Owasso) , and SD 45 (Kyle Loveless of Oklahoma City).

Do share our message to Halt the Tax Cut far and wide.  You can post our talking points, the infographic, and our blog posts on social media like Twitter and Facebook.  You can send an email to friends and colleagues. You can print and pass out hand bills with the link to our simple online form.  

The power to create change is in your hands.  Don’t waste time feeling helpless.  Take action today!