Together Tuesdays Update: Oklahomans standing together

Photo from hillary h
Photo from hillary h

This past weekend, many of us shared stories of where we were on April, 19th 1995.  On that tragic day I had the opportunity to volunteer to support the waiting families and the rescue teams, and what always stands out in my mind is the way Oklahomans came together.  We are that kind of people! We are ready to lend a hand when the tragedy is clear and the needs are present.  We pool our resources because working together makes us all stronger. But there’s still work to do to help make our less obvious needs clear and present for you so we can do what Okies do.  

It is easy to see physical damage of a tornado or terrorist attack, but we might miss the everyday damage of neglected children or long waiting lists for health care.  To stop the pain we have to stand together.  I know we can do it because I’ve seen us do it before! I know it matters to most of us because a new poll (found HERE) shows that 60 percent of Oklahoma voters support delaying or canceling the income tax cut scheduled for 2016, and only 33 percent still want the tax cut to go forward while the state has a large budget shortfall.

Your legislators need to hear from you about what matters.  How are you making sure that they do?  How are you making sure that they know that education, health care, and safe communities are vital to you and your family?

Do something right now!

Check something off the list!  Bringing the Oklahoma Standard to our state government is just as important as when we contribute to a food drive, help our neighbors after a tragedy, or hug someone who has lost it all.  By investing in our state, we can help make ALL Oklahomans more resilient and prepared for those tragedies that we can’t avoid.  

In solidarity and pride at being an Oklahoman!


PS: Thanks again to everyone who enthusiastically called the Governor about SB 313.  Governor Fallin signed Online Registration into law last week!  At this point in session the action is shifting to conference committees, read more about it here and watch for other bills headed to the Governor soon.