Video from Nov 30th, Senate District Meetings, and Save The Date!

Thanks again to everyone who joined us on November 30th! In addition to our group discussion, we were able to schedule some small group meetings with state senators for next week. We also set the date for our next statewide meeting!  I hope those of you who weren’t there get some good information and connection from the video.  

The November 30th

You can find the Statewide Together Oklahoma Meeting Video HERE. It took us a moment to get all the wheels rolling so feel free to jump to minuet 3 to start watching.

The video chat format is still a new to us and though our audio quality was better than June, I think we can do better still in January.

Meeting with Senators

I know of at least 3 constituent meetings happening between constituents and their senators next week!  Please join us in Slack to discuss those meetings and make sure we have one set for you and your fellow constituents.  If you haven’t already accepted my email invitation to Slack, please do. If you haven’t received an invitation or if you need help with Slack, check out my brand new post called Best Practices for Using Together Oklahoma Slack at this link.

Statewide Meeting Save the Date!

Save the Date for our next Statewide Together Oklahoma Meeting to be held on January, 25th of 2018! Go ahead and let me know now if you’d like to help with a location for that event by emailing or by joining the conversation in Slack.

As always, I’m glad to be collaborating with all of you!