We voted, so what happens next?

13435414_10154579375111664_3871140378015581120_nThanks to all of you who voted and helped inform your fellow voters! Now that that is behind us, I’ve heard a lot of folks say they are “ready for a break, holidays are just around the corner and that election was exhausting”. It’s a good thing that many of us will have time with our loved ones soon.  It is essential that we “fill our own cups to overflowing so we can serve from the saucer”.  Take time for you but don’t take the rest of the year off from being someone who cares. Here is what Together Oklahoma has going on in the weeks ahead:

Take a break, review the results of the election, connect with other people who care, but come back to your seat at the table as soon as you are able because Oklahoma needs you and you need you to be here too.

Meetings this week have been scheduled for Together Oklahoma members who signed up to volunteer through our new membership form.  If you’d like to help plan our December events or other pre-legislative session actions, and/or research, fill out the form today.

Here are OK Policy’s Election Take-aways from last Tuesday.

Here is how Oklahoma voted.

Again, I want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who voted, campaigned, donated, and shared election information!  Oklahoma voter turnout was up this year. I hope you all will take a moment to think about who you know who is also talking about the election results, who voted, and who is maybe already talking about the next elections. Many of them are the kinds of active Oklahomans we want on our Together Oklahoma teams, and I hope you’ll invite them to join us at our events in December and in the coming year.

I am proud to be connected to all of you and I am confident in our team!  There are challenges ahead but we will face them together.