The “We Voted” Winner and the Plan for Prosperity

Maddi Laizure 2
Photo by Maddi Laizure

Hooray for all of you who voted in the primary! Primary runnoffs are coming up on August 23rd. Three cheers for everyone who is taking the time to communicate with legislative candidates about our priorities!  Today I’d especially like to give a cheer for Maddi Laizure who won our Together Oklahoma We Voted Ussies contest on June 28th.  Thanks Maddi!  We appreciate your use of the hashtag #TOKVotes to show your voting pride but most of all we’re glad that you and yours got out to vote!

Maddi will be receiving a basket of goodies from the Together Oklahoma staff.  Make sure you like and check our TOK Facebook page to know the next time we have a contest. It is an election year so there will be several more chances to show our  communities that we care, by getting out to vote. In the mean time please keep asking candidates these important questions.

Speaking of the candidates, are you all doing more than voting to help your favorite candidates win?  These candidates for state legislative seats can’t do all the work by themselves. As a matter of fact, not helping is a good way to ensure that the people who win are the people who already have the most resources – be they the best candidate or not. 

Now that you’ve connected with the candidates in your area I hope you are finding ways to offer your services – via volunteer hours and/or a monetary donation to the candidates you like best.  Every little bit of engagement creates opportunities for us to not only elect the candidates we want in office but also it gives us a chance to develop relationships with the candidates.  Those relationships are essential when it comes time to advise our legislators about the issues that matter most!  You can find contact information for most of the candidates HERE.

An Oklahoma Agenda for Broad-Based Prosperity

OK Policy has just published a new policy agenda for Oklahoma that can help the state reverse its negative trends and build broad-based prosperity. The agenda comes in two parts: part one outlines how Oklahoma can create a better budget and tax system that would put out finances on a more sustainable path in a way that is fair and responsible to the needs of regular families; part two outlines policies that would help to restore America’s basic bargain for Oklahoma families — that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead.  Click here to download both parts as a PDF

The best way to encourage new candidates and incumbent lawmakers to use these resources as a source of information and policy ideas as they campaign over the coming months and prepare for next year’s legislative session, is if they hear about it from you.  Let folks know about the Agenda for Prosperity and have a great week!