Voting Together and Beyond!

evan-taylor-5Y’all remember how we used to send little kids into mines and factories to work, right? There used to be no weekends, most people, including women, African Americans, and most other people of color, couldn’t vote, and all sorts of atrocities were swept under the rug, right? Well, it’s not like that today. TODAY WE ARE VOTING!  Today we honor our ancestors by exercising the rights they won for us, right?  If you are missing any details about how to vote, please check HERE.  While we are talking about progress, let’s also remember to pause people who are saying “This is the worst it has ever been!”. ‘Cause nope! There are problems for sure, but let’s not dishonor the memories of our ancestors who fought and sacrificed so much so we could be here today. Let’s be inspired by their struggles and do even better!

It is ELECTION DAY. Whew! By 9 pm this evening most of us will know who is on our team for the next few years. Yes, I said “on our team” because like them or not, our elected officials are there to represent us.  When we talk about budget and tax advocacy you hear me say “no permanent friends, no permanent enemies” and when it comes to state legislators that is absolutely true.  This coming session we are going to be working with anyone who will work with us to get our better budget goals accomplished.

Voting is essential but from past years we’ve seen that voting clearly isn’t enough.  In order to get the fair and adequate funding necessary for a prosperous future for ALL Oklahomans, WE MUST ADVOCATE! 

The Together Oklahoma members who have filled out our new membership survey are getting down to the business of figuring out just how we are going to do advocacy in effective and efficient ways.  The events team is busily planning our post-election power mapping events and there will be meet-ups announced next week so stay tuned, stay calm, and have a great election day!