Who do legislators listen to?

15590527_1822285097985523_647720167766468520_nOur legislators listen to people they know, especially when those people are their own constituents, so let’s develop those relationships and write our way to a better 2017!

Many of our members have been sending New Years cards to our legislators and it is not too late for you to send yours!  This a great time to just introduce ourselves and leave a good impression.  

We want those two people who represent you directly to see your face or hear your name and feel like they should talk to you.  Session hasn’t started so you don’t even have to ask them for anything.  Just thank them for their service. let them know you are on their district team, and point out that you’ll be joining them in looking for budget hole solutions as we move towards a better 2017 for all Oklahomans.

Not sure who your legislators are? Check HERE!  
Nervous about writing this kind of card? Have no fear! We made a little Facebook video to give you some pointers and help cheer you on.  

What better way to kick off the new year and start a conversation with your legislators, than with a little holiday cheer?  Let us know when you send your letter in the Together OK Facebook group or in the “statewidetok” channel in Slack (get your invitation to Slack HERE).  
Let’s take this opportunity to remind each other that we are together working for a brighter future.

We’ll be back in the new year with more fun and effective ways to make Oklahoma better so sign up if you haven’t already and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!