Together Oklahoma is going on tour!

Is democracy broken in Oklahoma?  Our state is far too often ranked near the bottom for participation in the political process and the health and well-being of Oklahomans. How do we develop a state budget that reflects our priorities and a tax system that allows us to meet our needs? What’s holding Oklahomans back, and […]

We did it! (but so did they)

We made a difference!  This legislative session was tough, and maybe even “the worst”, but through all that we can see that our efforts had an impact.  It IS important to celebrate our success as we assess our next steps.  This is a marathon, y’all, not a sprint.   Now we need to know how our legislators voted […]

You too can hurt our schools

All you have to do is stay silent.  In fact, the three Big Oil executives who authored the plan to lock in unnecessary tax credits are counting on you to do just that. But what do the nearly 8,000 Oklahoma kids who could repeat the third grade because they didn’t pass a high-stakes reading test need from you? How about the […]

Time to ask “How do you plan to fund my services if you cut revenues?”

A badly planned and poorly timed tax cut has narrowly passed the House and gone to Governor Fallin for her signature. It schedules automatic tax cuts over the next several years that will cost more than $250 million when fully implemented. So what now? We are still looking at damaging cuts to the public services that matter to you […]

What we haven’t done to stop impending cuts to services

Made sure that ALL House members are ready to vote NO on SB 1246.  This bill is extra scary because it is what they call a “live round.” Usually tax bills have their “titles stricken”, which mean they get sent to conference committee for further consideration. SB 1246 has moved through the process with its […]

Call now and Why bother?

I bet you can think of 20 people you know who complain a lot and never contact their legislators directly. Non-voting Oklahomans and Oklahomans who don’t hold their elected officials accountable have TAUGHT our legislators to ignore us! The only remedy is to show them that we are paying attention time and time again. Last […]

Action Alert and New Poll Results

Senate Bill 1246 which will cut the state income tax to 4.85 percent will be brought before the House Appropriations and Budget Committee meeting at 3:30 pm today (Wednesday). House Appropriations and Budget Committee members need to hear from you now. Ask them to vote NO on SB 1246 and stop it from reaching the House […]